After the launch on the market in mid-March, Rosenberger Osi presented the new PreConnect Sedecom wiring system.

• Thanks to this angular profile, the return loss has greatly improved • • Harald Jungbäck, product manager for datacenter wiring systems, revealed that Lla special feature of PreConnect

MTP/MPO 16 multimodal fibre optic connector are polished with an angle section at 8° APC.

Angulated Polishing 8° APC: already tested in single mode applications

In the development of the PreConnect Sedecim wiring system, optimized for 400GBASE-SR8 transmission technology, Rosenberger Osi uses a technology that has already proven itself in single mode applications.

The angled section polishing at 8° APC is used from the beginning for single-mode MTP/MPO ferules to achieve a return loss with a very good value.

On the contrary, for the contact surfaces of multimodal ferules MTP/MPO, only straight polishing 0° PC was used for multimodal ferules MTP/MPO.

Thanks to their straight 0° PC (Polish Connector) section design, multimodal connectors

MTP/MPO were previously particularly sensitive to performance problems caused by dirt particles, which in the past often led to unreliable loss of return.

In recent years, this problem has become increasingly serious due to the strong increase in data transmission speed of applications. With the introduction of the PAM4-sensitive 400GBASE-SR8-reflection encoding and other multimodal applications with serial speeds of 50 Gbit/s, the problem has been further highlighted.

When 400GBASE-SR8 was introduced in one of the world’s largest Hyperscalers in 2019, these problems were so serious that the results of the angled polishing research at 8° APC on MTP/MPO multimodal endpoints were used.

Measurements show that multimodal MTP/MPO connectors with cross section

angled at 8° APC, unlike those with straight polishing at 0° PC, ensure a high minimize of the loss of high and reliable return of the application.

In light of the clear results of these tests, the Hyperscaler, also in close collaboration with the creator and manufacturer of MTP USCONEC, decided to specify the multimodal connector MTP®/MPO 16 with ferula 8°APC.

This decision was not only about the wiring infrastructure but also the interface of the Tranceiver Media Interface (MDI) 400GBASE-SR8.

Thus 400GBASE-SR8 transceivers can now have both a 16-fibre MTP/MPO at 0° PC and a 16-fibre MTP/MPO at 8° APC as Media Dependent Interface.

The characteristic

The innovative MTP/MPO multimodal connectors system, with 16 in-line fibres and an angled section 8° APC is a white protection boot (this color makes them easily recognizable) to avoid fiber bending.

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