The restructuring of the organizational processes completed years ago by Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure, with the introduction of digital, proved to be fully effective during the pandemic.

The positive effects of the restructuring have become evident during the emergency of the Covid-19: with complete digitisation all the projects have been successfully developed and completed in the last few months without problems.

As part of the Kompass project of the European manufacturer of fibre optic wiring infrastructure, all business processes have been digitised and optimised.

The flexible organisation of processes and digital ili have proved to be an advantage. Within two days, all employees were able to perform their homework without any problems with the appropriate equipment.

Thanks to the communication independent of time and location, customers’ requests could be answered at a distance. The business processes and all subsequent processes were extremely stable and efficient despite the use of the home office.

In addition, it was possible to guarantee at any time the usual short time to respond to customer requests.

As Thomas Schmidt, CEO of Rosenberger OSI, explains in a note, , half of our headquarters staff transferred their jobs to home office in a few hours. This has highlighted the commitment of our employees to the company and our customers. The reorganised processes, which could be completed in excellence in normal daily activity, were subjected to an extreme stress test due to the exceptional situation caused by the pandemic and passed the test with full marks.

Digital training and online support

To continue to support staff in work at home and ensure a balance between work and private life, seminars were organized and conducted online by the Steinbeis Institute. Cloud solutions have also been implemented to promote digital collaboration within and between teams.

Despite restrictions in many areas of social and professional life, business activities ran smoothly for Rosenberger OSI partners and customers.

The flexible and yet solid organisational structure has allowed to meet all customer needs on time. Especially in the areas of data center business, building wiring and mobile communications, Rosenberger OSI has faced extreme challenges in recent months due to the increase in the volume of data caused by the emergency Covid-19.

In particular, in the Rosenberger OSI data center services area, it has been able to support its customers since the start of the lockdown, since data center operators currently have a great need to update their infrastructure and are also prone to

The security factor in terms of data protection was not neglected with the use of the home office. The company pursues a very high standard in this regard.

Rosenberger OSI is currently planning to create a service security information management system according to ISO 27.001. The company aims for certification by the end of the year.

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