Riverside.fm is a solution that allows you to record podcasts and video interviews remotely, wherever the participants are, and that promises a professional quality of audio and video, as if the recording had been made in a studio.

The tool works by recording local audio and video while the interview is ongoing. This brings some advantages: first it allows you to have the recording files available shortly after it is finished, because you do not need a long processing time. In addition, everything is recorded automatically; finally, Riverside.fm points out, local recording can take place until 4K video resolution and with a quality that is independent of the performance of the Internet connection.

The procedure is simple for both producers and guests of the video interview: for the first one, just plan the event and invite the guests, for which you can then click on a button to access the virtual environment of the interview.

Riverside.fm’s local registration engine requires the use of Chrome: no additional software is required, except for the browser.

The platform sends all local recordings to the podcast producer, who will then have separate files in high quality of the audio and video. This is done automatically and the interviewees do not have to send the files manually to the podcast producer.

Riverside.fm is not a live streaming platform but on the site of this solution are available tutorials on how to make live stream video podcasts on both Facebook and YouTube (if the subscribed plan allows).

To test the quality of Riverside.fm service, you can register 60 minutes free of charge. For use there are also paid subscription plans available: ranging from 19 to 49 dollars per month and differ for hours of registration and supported features. There is also an Enterprise plan that provides customized offers for larger companies.

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