Sap today announced a new offer called Rise with Sap, a solution that aims to help the company’s customers overcome their digital transformations and become what Sap calls smart businesses. Rise is a subscription service that combines a number of services and product offers.

With Rise with Sap, companies will have a single contact in Sap to guide them on their journey true digital transformation, but also access to the ecosystem of partners.

The first step in this process, according to the German company, is not necessarily to introduce new technology, although this is also part of it, but rather to help companies to redesign and optimize their business processes and implement best practices in their vertical

From a technological point of view, Sap obviously offers its excellent services, including its corporate technology platform and cloud infrastructure, but will be at the side of customer organisations on all major cloud providers.

In Rise with Sap is also included support for over 2200 APIs for the integration of various local systems, cloud and non-Sap, access to SAP low-code and no-code features and, of course, its offerings of

Christian Klein, CEO of Sap, said that geopolitical tensions, environmental challenges and the ongoing pandemic are forcing companies to face change faster than ever before. Companies that can quickly adapt their business processes will thrive and Sap can help them achieve this goal. That’s why we thought Rise with Sap: helping customers to continuously unlock new ways to manage companies in the cloud to keep up with their industry and an increasingly fierce global competition.

With this new offer, Sap now provides its customers with a range of solutions that were previously available through its partner ecosystem. However, the company stresses that this choice should not be interpreted as competition towards its own channel. According to Sap, in fact, the new initiative will bring even more customers , and therefore business , to its partners.

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