The Trust Iris 4K Ultra High Definition conference camera is a high-level technology offering suitable for hubdle rooms and offices, looking for a product that offers a user experience of a higher (and not a little) level than

Trust Iris, appearance and endowment

The Trust Iris has in some way exactly the design you would expect from a professional device in a business context. Smooth curved lines with a combination of black and dark grey elements give an elegant but professional aesthetic.

In addition, the very technological look conveys a feeling (suffragata from the facts) of finding ourselves in front of a next-gen device.

The Trust home product is designed to sit at the end of a conference table or on a support table and provide a wide view of the assembled ones.

Trust provides the Iris with a wall mount in the box and, as an optional accessory, there is also a TV mounting solution.

The camera’s viewing angle is 120 degrees, allowing it to see most participants who are in front of it but not directly on the sides.

In order to work, your hardware must be connected to a computer via USB.

In the package there is a USB type A cable on the PC side and Usb-C in the entrance to the room; to avoid accidental disconnects the cable has a screw to attach to the body of the Iris.

Of course, you can use a different cable; we chose one with Usb-C on both sides to connect our MacBook Pro.

Trust offers, as further options, an environmental microphone and a longer USB cable than the one provided.

Given the quality and complexity of the hardware, it was not possible to power the Trust Iris through the USB cable alone. For this reason the manufacturer has inserted a small 24Watt external power supply.

A small remote control is also provided to make quick changes to the direction of the lens, zoom and brightness.

Thanks to the remote control we can then choose whether to set the camera manually, or activate the live tracking of the participants, and more.

The Iris Trust in action: a lot of substance and ease of use

Trust has chosen to follow a very popular and appreciable path today: Iris is a software-free solution in which control is partially granted to the device, eliminating many problems including cross-compatibility with video collaboration solutions.

In fact, we tested Trust Iris with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Never a single problem; all our stakeholders appreciated the quality of our video streaming.

The camera and microphone are displayed as available devices once Iris is connected by USB and the person hosting the meeting can enable and disable these inputs according to your needs.

The simplicity of use of the Trust Iris is a strong point of the product. As soon as the recording is started, a ring of light around the lens will indicate that the camera is in operation.

We can rely on automatisms (excellent) or use the aforementioned remote control. Often not appreciated, in this case it is a real added value, immediately usable by anyone. The package contains a quick guide that illustrates its functions; however without even reading it we were able to take full advantage of it.

Adjust the volume of the speakers, turn off or turn on the video, set the tracking: all operations that require a simple pressure. Very comfortable and very useful in countless situations.

Video quality, expectations met

One feature we particularly liked is that the camera records in HDR mode. This methodology combines multiple images with different exposure levels and combines them to capture details from shadow zones, and prevent overexposed sections of the image from making video shooting unbelievable.

Many conference rooms are not uniformly illuminated and HDR mode works well to overcome the classic problems that many of us have witnessed. Participants in a conference in dark areas or near light windows are often very little visible with low quality camera. A much less present problem thanks to Trust Iris.

The 4K definition is definitely a distinctive point; the quality of the shooting is at the highest level for this class of products, and we can hardly imagine that you dislike a potential customer. Digital noise is also very low; I definitely deserve light optics and sensor.

Also, when you have something to present • for example a new product • we can use the remote control to frame the object and maybe zoom towards it

The zoom, available in five levels, is not optical but digital.

We stress this out of fairness, but at the same time we feel reassured. Thanks to 4K resolution, it is in practice a ‘crop’ of the image, with a very small loss of detail.

Live Tracking, Audio and Bluetooth

The Live Tracking feature already mentioned above is very effective and credible.

The speed at which the Trust Iris \”follows \” the subject is appreciable, certainly functional during a presentation where one or more speakers must move and be sure of the constant frame by the camera.

Using the camera often turned to a particular point in the environment, we can use the remote control to store two preset views, which can be called up with just one push of the button when needed.

The same applies to integrated microphones and speakers, both of a level consistent with the market to which they are intended.

The embedded microphone system has a range of up to 5 meters and follows an algorithm to make sure that each participant is clearly audible, wherever he is seated.

The noise cancellation function ensures that environmental noise does not disturb online meetings; we (our own despite) tested the system and managed to filter some renovation works from a nearby apartment quite well.

Quick but necessary mention for Bluetooth support. The bandwidth of this protocol does not allow video calls but only audio conversations, in which you can still use the already appreciated microphone/speaker system.

The verdict: product promoted with full vote

Trust Iris is a well-designed solution, which meets almost all the needs of most customers, even those less accustomed to the use of technologies and video conferencing systems in particular.

If you want to look for a gap, there is only one feature that some users like: the possibility for remote viewers to check the camera.

However, to achieve this goal, software should be installed on both sides of the conference. A sharp deterioration for the excellent plug and play features that we have already praised.

The price to the public is, at the time we write, 799 euros including VAT. A figure appropriate to the quality and functions of the Trust Iris.

There are many realities that, after an emerging period, are looking around to make their video sessions more effective and professional. The product is undoubtedly suitable for making a decisive leap in quality in this sense.

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