From 1 October 2021, access to online services of the Revenue and Revenue Agency-Rediscussion by citizens can only be done with Spid, Cie (Electronic Identity Card) and Cns (National Service Card). The keys to access will allow you to use all the tax services.

The new authentication procedures do not affect, for the moment, professionals and businesses: the credentials Fisconline, Entral or Sister will continue to be issued to natural persons holding VAT and legal persons (PNF) even after 1 October 2021 With a special implementing decree, as provided for by the Code of the Digital Administration, the rules for these categories of users will be established.

Revenue Agency, in a note, announces that in the first 8 months of the year more than 44 million tax drawer accesses (+32.5%), more than 1 million leases and 2 million registered public documents online, plus 400 thousand documents sent through the service

To these numbers must be added the 4 million accesses, recorded in the same period, to the reserved area of Agency revenue-Redisclosure.

Stop the old system at midnight on September 30th

The disposal of Fisconline usernames and passwords, as provided for by the Decree Simplification (DL No 76/2020) will take place at midnight of September 30, 2021 and from that moment the three digital keys

We reiterate that nothing changes for professionals and businesses who will continue to use their current credentials.

The online services of Revenue-Redisclosure Agency, available to citizens, businesses and professionals in the reserved area of the website and the Equiclick app, are accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets and

In the reserved area you can consult your debt situation, check the presence of folders, notices and the state of payments, submit a request for installment and then obtain the related delay plan, ask to suspend collection in the cases provided for by law, pay, activate the service of

From next 1 October also access to the reserved area of the site of the Agency of Revenue-Redisco will be allowed only with the credentials SPID, CIE and CNS. The credentials issued by the Revenue Agency (Entratel or Fisconline) will still be valid only for professionals and businesses.

How to get SPID, CIE and CNS

With over 24 million users already provided, Spid is the Public Digital Identity System based on personal credentials that, thanks to accurate security checks, allow access to online services of public administration and private members.

To have Spid, just choose one of the 9 digital identity managers currently operating and follow the identification procedures.

You must be of age, have an Italian document valid, the health card (or tax code card), an email address and a personal mobile number.

Another tool that allows access to services is the CIE, the new electronic identity card, issued by the City of Residence. To use it it is important to make sure you have the entire pin code of the card and have installed on your smartphone the application

Finally, the third tool is the Cns, the National Service Card, which allows access to the same services through a device, such as, for example, a USB stick or a smart card equipped with microchips.

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