Distance training has seen its importance grow enormously. Also very structured realities have been forced to adopt training solutions exclusively online.

For this reason we chose to talk with Fabio Pirovano, CTO of Docebo, with whom we also discussed the theme of the technology alliance with Aws.

Society has been a pioneer in this fundamental vertical sector since unsuspecting times.

How and to what extent have market demands changed?

According to Pirovano, the changes are undeniable. Some more evident than others, for example since March 2020 Docebo has started to see a decline in classroom training activities in favor of online synchronization activities (on videoconference).

Until the second pass on the first; as is easy to imagine, the company has seen an increase in interest in online training tools even by those who had not yet adopted them.

♪ From what we can see today we are convinced that these changes will also be over this period of working from home forced, however, to get into detail, I think it is useful to divide the market geographically, the level of maturity of

More mature markets in the world of e-learning, such as the American and Anglo-Saxon markets, have a level of knowledge of the tools, advantages and limits already widespread, this implies that the conversations we have with customers and prospects do not require a job of

On the contrary, in less mature markets, of which Italy is now part, conversations take place with departments that deal with the whole-round business training and a more comprehensive approach is needed in the creation of the solution and in the adoption of the instrument.

Internal training is increasingly aimed at all the upskilling and reskilling of staff, investments in training and growth are increasingly consistent and consistent thanks to movements such as the ESG and a new awareness of the benefits of growth and training of internal staff.

Finally, it is important to point out that in the more mature markets the nature of e-learning projects changes, from internal training to employees, to external training to partners and customers, in our industry is defined as “extended” This type of training allows a return on investment much more direct and is the market that sees us most active and recognized.

The value of the partnership between Docebo and Aws for digital training

Docebo chose to rely on Aws as the only cloud partner, believing that a multi-cloud solution would have meant too many unnecessary compromises. When is it important to be able to rely on a partnership with a great reality such as Amazon Web Services, a leader in cloud and artificial intelligence?

♪ I think it’s important for companies to choose their own approach to the cloud and the pros and cons of choice. We decided to choose a strategic partner that could help us in the development and growth of our solutions and we found it in Aws. We have been relying on Aws from the very beginning, since we felt the need to move to the cloud and, above all, trust a global provider, who could meet our needs not only locally, since we have customers who are training all over the world. Especially at the beginning, we needed to be able to better manage the content, even those uploaded directly by users, and the Amazon S3 solution, web storage service offered by Amazon Web Services, has been very well married with all this; moreover, our needs to have a

› In time, we had the need for even greater scalability, a provider present on the territory mainly for reasons of privacy and to help our customers present all over the world: all this confirmed our choice of AWS The relationship that has been created with them has allowed us to develop deeper knowledge of the tools at our disposal and how to use them to gain an advantage in terms of scalability of our solutions, safety and a reduced time to market for new products in fact thanks to the use of services Although we have a data scientist team for the realization of artificial intelligence models and for complex problems we also exploit the services dedicated to the AI allow us to experiment and exploit the potential of the AI also to our normal dev non specialized increasing the engagement in the internal

Among the peculiarities of Shape is its great ease of use. Is it correct to say that Docebo’s user experience is a fundamental factor?

Docebo has always had a strong vocation to design its own interfaces and user experience of software and services, explains Pirovano.

□ This vocation has contributed to our current success. Designing and building software that meets the real needs of its customers and making them appealing and easy to use is a value that has always been recognized and appreciated. This is valid for all our products, but even more for Shape because the goal of the product is to drastically reduce the time of creating educational content through the use of

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