Regystrum is an application, which you can access using a Google account, which allows you to manage protocol, classification, storage, search and document distribution activities on cloud.

Every day we produce a large amount of documents and it is not always easy to archive them, and find them again. And let’s not forget the need to access the archive and share documents from any device at any time.

If you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-use storage system to finally put order in all business documents, Regystrum is the ideal solution.

With a modern and intuitive interface, Regystrum is an application that you can easily and securely access using a Google account, and that allows you to manage protocol, classification, storage, search and cloud tasks.

Thanks to the powerful document management features and the integration with Google Drive and Google Documents, Regystrum is a complete and versatile Document Management System (DMS) document management system.

Protocol at clicking reach

Regystrym assigns a file or group of files a unique and progressive protocol number. To optimize the classification and storage of each file you can also customize the associated information.

In addition, to have a more detailed view of the activities carried out, each operation is tracked both at the overall level and within the history of each protocol.

Archive and find

The files registered are stored on Drive according to a completely customizable classification system to be in line with the needs of the companies and are automatically organized in files per year/month/protocol number. Finding them when they are needed is easy, because Regystrum allows you to search both in custom fields and in the text of the files themselves.

Share and assign

The archived files can also be assigned for knowledge and/or competence to individual users or entire groups, both inside and outside the company.

Allocations are automatically notified by email. These activities, totally managed within Regystrum, are integrated with Gmail and Calendar, for optimal management of workflows and document distribution.

Regystrum is a flexible and powerful application that offers comprehensive document management to small and medium-sized enterprises in any sector.

A 30-day free trial is available to test all Regystrum features.

Try Regystrum for 30 days

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