57 billion for ecological transition, 42.5 billion for digital, 31.9 for education and research, 25.3 for infrastructure; 19.1 for inclusion and cohesion, 15.6 billion for health, which becomes 19.7 billion, adding more funds.

These are the broad figures of the National Resilience Plan and the government is now preparing to launch it definitively and then present it in Europe within the time frame set by Brussels.

Overall, therefore, the President of the Council Mario Draghi presents a National Recovery and Resilience Plan of 221.5 billion total, of which 191.5 referable to the Recovery fund and 30 billion to finance works outside the plan, and to download a

As reported by the ANSA, the Government’s draft Recovery Plan is a 318-page document and indicates objectives, missions, cross-cutting priorities and reforms.

The Plan, which always reports the agency, includes an ambitious reform project with four major reforms in the context: public administration, justice, simplification of legislation and promotion of competition.

30 technologies for the Recovery Plan

According to Mario Draghi, the impact of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan linked to the Recovery Plan will be at least 3.6 percent higher in 2026 than in the trend, while the effect on employment will be almost 3 percentage points.

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