Of the resources from the Next Generation EU plan in the context of the Recovery plan (for a total of €222.9 billion), the Ministry of Economy and Finance plans to invest €46.18 billion in digitization, and no longer 49 as initially planned.

The resources are divided into 26.73 billion for the digitisation, innovation and competitiveness of the production system, 11.45 billion for the digitisation, innovation and security in the Public Administration and 8 billion for Tourism and Culture 4.0.

In addition to digitalisation, the plan has five other missions. Inclusion and cohesion, green revolution and ecological transition; education and research, infrastructure for sustainable mobility, health.

Considering other EU funds, Italy will be able to manage a total of 310.6 billion, of which 85 billion for inclusion and cohesion, 78.8 for the green revolution and ecological transition, 58.9 for digitisation, 34 for education and research, 33.1 for infrastructure and 20.7 billion

In the total National Recovery and Resilience Plan, where the Recovery Plan is grafted with EU funds, Pnr, there is obviously also talk of fibre optic networks, 5G and investments for satellite monitoring: 4.2 billion euros of which 1 already allocated

The Italy 1 Gbit/s Plan, which includes the completion of the BUL project (Overwide Band), is part of this context, with initiatives for the connection to the end user of ultra-fast connections and its extension to grey areas, and the fibre optic coverage.

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