On June 28th at 16.00 the webinar will be held  Realizing the Business Intelligence   Â, in which Marilena D Onofrio, author of the homonymous book coming out for the types

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Marilena D’Onofrio will explain that the data relate to quantifiable facts, such as quantity, price, discount, amount, and must be related to qualitative aspects: product, customer, distribution channel, date.

Data must be collected and analysed to measure quantifiable aspects, considering the measures of facts from different qualitative aspects (the dimensions that concern the product, the customer (including the city), the sales channel, the time), grouping qualitative aspects: turnover per customer, turnover per product

The visual narrative of analysis serves to explain what the who, what, how, where, when and why of the facts.

Modern Business Intelligence

Marilena D’Onofrio will focus on the aspect that if the traditional business intelligence was the prerogative of professional IT IT engineers specialized now is achievable directly from those who must produce results: from whom must make the turnover, manage the handling of the products, optimize the customer

It is all about clear guidelines. The data should be entered in tables, i.e. records and fields, not groups of columns or groups of rows.

There are fact tables (the sales target, for example, is a fact table) and size tables: the Customer table with all customer attributes the Product table with all product attributes

Marilena D’Onofrio will explain that we create and use size tables to link the tables of facts.

And when an unexpected event takes place, how does business intelligence behave?

We must understand the situation immediately and set a different analysis from the previous one

The data must be analysed as soon as possible: one cannot expect the expert to arrive, to understand what is being asked of him, to act according to his logic, which obviously is different from that of those who live events.

This is why you need to master business intelligence with tools like Power BI and this is why you need manuals like Realizing Business Intelligence.

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