The digital partner R1 Group has chosen Genoa as a new headquarters in Italy, which must be added to those of Rome, Milan, Perugia and Naples. A strategy, that of R1 Group, that marks a reversal of trend regarding the current context, that it records closures and contractions that seem irreversible.

Hosted at Palazzo Nicolò Lomellini, also known as Palazzo Lauro in honor of the owner owner who rebuilt it after the Second World War, the new historic headquarters hosts several meeting rooms, open spaces and common spaces in the center of the

As Marco Rossi, Team Leader of the new headquarters in Genoa explains, the choice to open the Ligurian headquarters clearly responds to the need to have a more widespread structure able to communicate with customers and actors in the IT market, more effectively in the north west. It is also, of course, a sign of the importance of the Italian territory for R1 Group.

About R1 Group R1 Group is a system integrator committed to 27 years of project management activities, modern virtualization solutions, networking, document management, digital marketing and IT security.

With the companies R1 S.p.A., Eurome, Gway, Cyber-Bee, Trice and R1 Lease, the Group combines solutions and products from partners with the value of design and its technical know-how thanks to project activities

The new opening shows the way R1 Group interprets the present and addresses crucial choices that look to the future. •Presideting the relationship with customers, extending our business to the new opportunities that exist in this territory and increasing our relationship capacity is what we intend to do. The birth of this ambitious project, which saw light in January 2021, for R1 Group means that it is also and especially at this moment of great uncertainty that we are called to act Marco Rossi specific.

R1 Group helps companies see and realise their digital future. Thanks to the constant search for new skills, the continuous internal training, and the synergy with the brands with which he collaborates.

A system integrator today must be able to advise and follow the digitisation of its customers’ processes from dematerialization and digital document storage to digital processing of archives, from identification of the relationship between computer security and privacy to the provision of an appropriate security plan

The network of ecosystem relations is important and strategic for this work. Also for the headquarters of Genoa, R1 Group relies on partners and stable relationships with the main brands on the market, to respond proactively, with punctuality and flexibility, to the requests of customers.

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