Amazon Web Services and Cineca, a non-profit Interuniversity consortium of 98 public bodies, announce their collaboration with a series of quantum computing research initiatives, in order to accelerate the next generation of computational capabilities.

Quantum technologies, for example computing, encryption and simulation, are increasingly central to the economic and social development of key sectors such as health, environment and cybersecurity.

Cineca is the largest Italian computing center, one of the most important in the world. One of their systems, Marconi-100, is 14th in the TOP500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

Quantum computing, Amazon Braket in support of Cineca

To expand its computational portfolio and advance research and education on quantum computing, the research centre has decided to rely on Aws: in fact, academics and affiliated developers will have the opportunity to design and perform experiments of

Aws plans to support CINECA’s identified qualified projects through Aws Cloud Credits for Research, a program to provide Aws credits to researchers in a wide range of disciplines. The first workshop, scheduled for 24 November 2021, will be a Practical Quantum Computing School, an online course dedicated to the use of quantum computers in the cloud. This is a unique opportunity for students and researchers, who will gain practical experience in the use of quantum computers, while learning from the leading experts in the field.

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