Honeywell Quantum Solutions, a division of the US multinational that deals with quantum computing development, announced that it has reached a milestone in its research activity in this field.

System Model H1 quadrupled its performance in terms of quantum volume, declared the company, and became the first commercial quantum computer to measure a quantum volume of 512.

This goal marks the third time in nine months that Honeywell has set a record in the sector for quantum volume, he also emphasized the company.

In June 2020 Honeywell presented its first commercial system.

System Model H0 has reached a quantum volume of 64, twice any other system available at that time.

A few months later, Honeywell passed that record when he released the second generation of his technology: System Model H1 reached a quantum volume of 128 in September.

Honeywell’s team spent months working with enterprise clients such as BMW, DHL, JP Morgan Chase and Samsung on projects and updates of System Model H1. This activity has given the company the opportunity to refine many aspects of the technology platform.

The quantum volume concept emerged a few years ago because developers, companies and users needed a method to evaluate the performance of the myriad of quantum computing hardware technologies and their different levels of operational loyalty.

The quantum volume is a measurement that requires a complex set of statistical tests. A variety of factors influence results, including the number of qubits, error rates, qubit connectivity and cross-talk between them.

Honeywell’s trapped ion technology, says the company, has a high performance in this metric even though it has less physical qubits than many other quantum computing commercial systems (System Model H0 has 6 and System Model

For the future, Honeywell said, he will continue to push to achieve higher values than quantum volume, but will also focus on eliminating errors and improving the accuracy of his systems.

All important factors to ensure that quantum computers can successfully deal with problems that are impossible to solve with classic computers.

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