The interview with Emilio Turani, by Quallys.

One year after the launch of the recovery plan at European level, which led to the PNRR in Italy, 01net carries out an investigation, based on a series of interviews with the main companies operating in Italy in the ICT on their strategy for digitalisation of the

We talk with them about four key themes of digital transformation: resilience, cybersecurity, cloud, environmental and social sustainability and the answers allow you to build the ICT reality participation map for the country’s growth in the digital sense.

And there is one more theme, the fifth: in a spirit of consultation, we ask that Italian entrepreneurs be given an extra idea, capable of producing immediate value in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

For Quarys, the Managing Director for Italy, South Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece, Emilio Turani, responded.

A year after the Recovery Plan, where are we with the real transformation of the country: with what solutions, skills and services do you participate in the missions of the PNRR involving digital?

The PNRR represents a unique opportunity for the country and the Italian System, thanks to a very important allocation of funds. More specifically, the planned share for digitisation, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism amounts to EUR 40 billion, almost one third of the total share.

The idea is to improve our position in DESIGN, the index that measures the level of digitalisation of States in Europe through six missions that cover from the digital transformation of the PA, to the strengthening of the network infrastructure and the digitization/innovation of the production system itself, to culture,

In this maxi-digital transformation security certainly cannot be an afterthought, that is, a thought a posteriori to fix the insecure areas. It must be integrated by design, equipped with unprecedented agility and scalability › because without precedent it is the challenge to be faced.

Qualys has an ultra-venten-year experience from a cloud-native company, a time when it has developed and refined a platform to deliver as-a-service solutions that enhance visibility, accuracy, integration and automation by harmonising security and compliance.

In Italy we are present with a dedicated team to ensure that public administration and companies have the right commercial, technical and training support in line with the challenges that the PNRR will face.

2021 was the year in which the theme of cybersecurity landed in all businesses. What concrete prospects did you give for 2022?

CyberSecurity becomes a dominant theme because the issues emerged in the year were dominant: ransomware, supply chain fragility, remote control of decentralised workers, cloud environments to be verified and validated continuously for compliance, risk analysis

Qualys addresses 2022, aware that it can offer solutions to enhance visibility capabilities in complex digital ecosystems, in order to consolidate and accelerate pervasive and transparent security processes in all digital biodiversity environments.

The key component of digital transformation is the cloud. What are the choices that Italian companies will have to make in 2022?

Companies will have to complete a cloud-first concept, if not even cloud-only: this platform will become more and more the fundamental glue of an increasingly mobile, increasingly geo-dispersed, increasingly interconnected workforce.

Unifying the visibility of the ecosystem will be the basis, then refining interrogability and observation by increasing effectiveness and operational efficiency. It is important to speed up the speed of reaction to anomalies and to prioritize the remedy through a risk-based approach.

After the Cop26 it was understood that sustainability, both environmental and social, now affects not only all countries but also all companies. What is your strategy on these issues?

As a technology company we tend to focus on corporate sustainability through the actions of our employees and the way they interact and influence the community in which they live. Given our strong presence in the major regions of the world, including India, we embrace respect for the environment and the reduction of waste as a natural part of our culture. Our employees regularly engage in activities around the world to share examples of sustainable activities or encourage communities where they live to embrace practices such as recycling and composting. Qualys as a global employer is proud to be part of the general movement for corporate sustainability and will play its part in promoting the causes led by nations and their leaders as part of the COP 26 summit.

ICT idea of 2022

If you were to offer a single investment (product, solution, methodology) to an Italian company, a choice that could produce an immediate benefit in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, what would your advice be about?

No doubt about the Qualys platform.

An analysis with our specialists leads to the construction of a complete and updated digital inventory regardless of the complexity of the digital landscape of the company. A plan is inserted on this system that involves the use of the necessary part of Qualys applications: the aim becomes to develop both prevention logic and remedy prioritized according to the risk, as well as ability to quickly detect anomalies and automation of the response.

The final result will be a functional consolidation, sustainable operations and a growth capacity and decreased in logic • pay as you grow •.

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