In view of the implementation of 5G networks, CommProve, specialized in systems for the analysis of the quality of mobile networks, has taken the road of relaunching starting from a new managing director and the redesign of the Group’s operating perimeter.

Gianluca Attura was thus appointed CEO of the company last April.

Attura, who has important experiences at the decision-making summits of Siemens Italia and has led as CEO, among others Avaya and Selta, is a deep knowledger of the world of TLC, and as such was also member of the board of Ugo Bord

In the operational reorganization of CommProve all commercial activities, research and development and support of Italian and foreign customers of the Group were concentrated in the headquarters of Scandicci (Fi).

Today, CommProve solutions monitor more than 330 million users in real time, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on four continents and process more than 10 million daily transactions at some production sites.

CommProve is the classic case of an Italian company that produces and exports products and solutions adopted in the world thanks to its great capacity for innovation in this field.

In addition to the reorganization, CommProve has launched a new platform.

This is Data Integrated Virtual Analytics • Diva, a new solution for analysis, performance detection and security of mobile networks.

Based on a new virtualized architecture, Diva is created to satisfy the analysis of Big Data, necessary for network planning and in particular tomorrow when, with the massive adoption of 5G networks, an increase in exponential data traffic can be expected.

The new virtual probing systems, on which CommProve Diva is based, allow unified data management in mixed or fully virtualized environments.

For Gianluca Attura ›Diva is a flexible innovation that allows the connection with other analysis tools to connect with applications ranging from marketing to security, to assurance and remediation, moving from an obsolete model of off verification

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