Python Italia is a social promotion association founded in 2007 with the aim of spreading the knowledge and use of the Python language on the Italian territory.

Since then, the association has grown exponentially, in parallel with language, and has become involved in its activities hundreds of people around the world.

The success of the association is a symptom of a growing interest around Python, at all levels, as evidenced by the editorial activity in this regard (interestingly is the book L’analisi dei big data con Python).

Python Italia organizes dozens of events every year, mainly small and local events (30-80 people) that aim both at the dissemination of skills and at the creation and consolidation of a widespread community.

Among these events, however, is one of the biggest events at European level related to Python: PyCon Italia.

PyCon Italia has now become a reference point at the continental level, gathering in its last edition more than 700 participants from all over the world, distributing over twenty grants for participation in the conference dedicated to the protection of diversity and inclusiveness for girls, students, unemployed thanks also to

In addition to this for four years, many energies and resources have been invested to make the associative events inclusive and welcoming, involving first of all the myriad of organizations that are concerned with these topics at international level and thus managing to reach an important

In addition to this, another important initiative that has been an introduction to the conference for a couple of years is the Beginner’s workshop, a free workshop dedicated to beginners or almost Python, of all ages, social excerpts

The activity of the association is partly based on the contributions of the sponsors of the various events and partly thanks to the tickets of the participants in PyCon Italia.

The trust of the audience of the event is so high that last year more than 300 tickets were sold with the Early Bird fare, before the publication of the schedule.

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It should be said that the agenda of the conference has always been assembled by the editorial committee following the rankings resulting from the Community votes, so it can be said that almost all the programme is the result of a democratic mechanism expressing the preferences and will of the community in a proactive way

The only keynotes of the conference are excluded from this mechanism and are selected and invited directly by the association.

The 2020 edition will be the eleventh edition of PyCon Italia: PyCon 11.

In view of the growing attention on Python, the organizers hope to exceed 800 participants, increasing even more collaborations for inclusiveness and creating additional parallel initiatives both technical (hacking sessions) and community (topic cocktails, be

How to participate: tickets and program

PyCon 11 will take place from April 2nd to 5th 2020 at the historic headquarters, at the Congress Centre of the Mediterranean Hotel in Florence.

The PyCon website is also available for the program, which also presents three theme tracks for talks (Python & Friends, PyData and PyWeb & DevOps) on five parallel halls and two tracks.

In particular, we point out the Beginner’s workshop on Thursday 2 April and the DjangoGirls workshop, which provides that more than 50 girls are trained and involved in the community free of charge each year.

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