Pure Storage announced the availability of Purity//FB 3.0 for FlashBlade, the new generation of US company storage software.

FlashBlade provides a unified, fast and specially designed scale-out platform for files and object storage to support the development of modern applications, analytics and data protection.

Architected to help customers get better rate of use of computing and storage resources, FlashBlade reduces the complexity that comes from data silos. FlashBlade extends this approach to the main enterprise features such as the ability to replicate files and objects, file system rollback, and allows data scientists and data architects to realize the potential of models they design and

Purity//FB 3.0, the scale-out software on which FlashBlade is based, is characterized by the same level of simplicity and ease of use as the new features that customers love and expect from FlashBlade. Pure-as-a-Service, a true operating cost-based model, allows customers to leverage FlashBlade through a flexible consumer model.

Purity//FB 3.0 offers features that can face challenges such as File Replication, which allows you to implement the disaster recovery of file systems. Read-only data resident on the target replication site can be used for the purpose of testing and validating the DR procedures. In addition, Object Replication: Replica of objects between two FlashBlades improves the experience of geographically distributed users by reducing the time of latency in access and increasing the throughput in reading. The native FlashBlade to Amazon S3 object replication allows for cloud mobility. Customers can use the cloud to create a secondary copy, or use public cloud services to access data generated on-premises. File system Rollback: File system Rollback is a crucial feature for data protection of the file system that allows you to quickly recover file systems from snapshot copies.

NFS v4.1 Kerberos: Kerberos provides an advanced level of security by authenticating users who connect to NFS v4.1 files systems on FlashBlade.

SNMP Audit Log and Support: essential news for the readiness of enterprise environments that provide better security, alerting and monitoring capabilities.

Virtually all vendors of analytics have started the transition to cloud-enabled architectures, such as Splunk SmartStore and Summit Eon Mode.

FlashBlade is a solution that is definitely suitable for these environments. Internal tests have shown that FlashBlade improves query performance 80 times compared to traditional storage platforms that disaggregate the storage component from the calculation.

Constantly high performance in queries translates into faster insights for customers representing a business-critical advantage in case of a security breach or ransomware attack.

FlashBlade also allows administrators to freely scale the calculation layer upwards or downwards as needed, making a reminder of the slowness of the administrative activities of the past.

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