Thanks to the contribution of Domenico Uggeri, Vice President Zucchetti, we have addressed the issue of reality of the HR world, strongly conditioned by a year dominated by the pandemic

With the slow return of the emerging situation, a scenario is emerging in which hybrid work will probably be the solution of election for many organizations. How is the HR adapting to the new normality?

According to Uggeri, while on the one hand it is clear and widely shared the opinion that to continue to compete you cannot help using digitalization, it does not seem so widespread the awareness that it is necessary to design a…Human Revolution that includes, in addition

Because it is only through the creation of more engaging, connected and participatory working environments that people feel valued and are thus more motivated, generating better performance results.

It is therefore necessary to promote the change of organizational culture and adopt technological solutions capable of managing in a new way the administrative and organizational activities inherent in human resources, reaching out to create a digital ecosystem that allows an effective connection between processes and people.

Uggeri refers to new models of effective communication and collaboration and capillaries, cost planning systems, spaces and working times, new skills to be transferred to managers and employees, monitoring dashboards for continuous improvement.

The cloud is the starting point for this breakthrough in HR, as it represents the way of using applications that allows both to have business data available without any place or time constraints, and to use solutions to the maximum of their potential, without the need

The concept of mobile is inevitably connected to the cloud, as applications become accessible not only from PCs, but with any device, i.e. tablet, smartphone or smartwatch, at any time of the day, without the obstacles of on-premise hardware

And then web technology is available for everyone, even for those who do not have a PC station, like the workers of a manufacturing company. The Human Revolution of Zucchetti therefore extends to all instruments, making life easier for managers, employees and workers.

What solutions do you facilitate for organisations, dealing with distributed labour forces and increasingly diversified working hours, between presences in the premises and remote work?

Today, those who choose Zucchetti’s staff management suite really have the opportunity to enter the world of work of the future, also for the application richness of the offer: we start from administrative solutions such as payrolls and attendance, to those of an organizational A continuous innovation offering, which also focuses on artificial intelligence systems and IoT to better support decision-making processes and automate low value-added activities as much as possible.

Zucchetti has, therefore, redefined its HR offer in this perspective, creating four different custom application platforms based on the different market targets: HR Smart, designed for micro and small companies; HR Infinity, suitable for medium-sized companies and professionals

As for the hybrid work model, which combines the advantages of digital to perform its business to the best without having to be physically in the company, Zucchetti has developed specific solutions related to the new normality, also to predict the return safely on its own Then the solutions integrated with access control systems and thermoscanner and our mobile ZConnect solution to send the health status to the staff office in real time. Not to mention the Safety Solution suite integrated with anti-Covid safety protocols. Many customers have also asked us for advice to organize the best activity in smart working and to face the management part of the staff. For this reason, there is a team that accompanies companies towards the agile organization.

The aim of HR managers is, in fact, increasingly to create an employee experience capable of hiring and retaining the best talents, so training must also be innovative, with constant updates of the staff skills through courses of and

With Zucchetti, this is available through a single supplier, with the great advantage of having integrated solutions that are based on a single database and that are available in different languages to support organizations around the world.

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