The Triennial Plan for Computer Science in the Public Administration is an essential tool to promote the digital transformation of the country and, in particular, that of the Italian Public Administration.

The 2021-2023 update of the Plan represents the natural evolution of the three previous Plans. Where the first edition (2017-2019) focused on the introduction of the Strategic Model of Information Technology into the PA and the second edition (2019-2021) aimed to detail the implementation of the model, the three-year 2020-2022 Plan focused on the implementation of the planned actions

Over the three years, some 200 actions have been defined: AGID and the Department for Digital Transformation, other institutional and other entities charged to central and local PAs.

L In particular, it strengthens the focus on the implementation of the actions envisaged and on monitoring the results and introduces some new elements related to the PNRR implementation and supervision of the PA’s digital transformation obligations

Triennial Plan, update 2021- 2023

The 2021-2023 update of the Triennial Plan, in continuity with the previous edition, consolidates the focus on the implementation of the actions planned and the monitoring of the results achieved in achieving the pre-defined objectives.

The structure of the 2021-2023 update maintains the three-part subdivision:

Part I • The Triennial Plan Composed of an introduction, followed by a description of the strategy and a deepening of the guiding principles of the Agency.

Part II • The Technology Components divided into 6 chapters corresponding to the levels represented in the Strategic Model.

Part III: Governance is divided into 3 chapters describing governance to be implemented for the digital transformation of the country and actions to be taken by administrations.

In view of the changed context of the implementation of the PNRR in the field of digital transformation, unlike previous editions, the document has been notified to the European Commission (EC).

At the end of the procedure, the Plan will be adopted by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers or by the Minister Delegate as provided by the Code of the Digital Administration.

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