The management consulting company Protiti, Microsoft Gold Partner, launches new IT security services to support organizations that have invested in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure security solutions.

The highly scalable solutions respond to the growing need of companies to manage their IT risks effectively and in a context characterized by fast-changing digital technologies and increasingly disrupting business models; an accelerated evolution from the pandemic of COVID-19

Even before the global health crisis, businesses have faced increasing cyber threats from rapidly changing business needs: growing need for new digital technologies, need for faster responses to critical cyber events, lack of talent in cyber security. Today the situation is even more serious, as travel restrictions forced organisations to quickly adapt their structures to support greater remote access, thus introducing new carriers for cyber attacks.

Eric Winton, Head of the Global Cloud Program of Protiviti and global leader of the alliance with Microsoft of the company said:

• As Microsoft Gold Partner, we have demonstrated our commitment to Microsoft and the ability to provide dynamic solutions on Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 platforms to large and medium-sized companies worldwide. The unique holistic approach of Protiti to cybersecurity, combined with our deep experience in Microsoft platforms, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that help protect our customers’ systems and data.

Protiti’s cybersecurity offers are designed to rapidly increase effectiveness and reduce the complexity of company cybersecurity threats management through easy access to highly qualified resources, optimized, repeatable, compliant and highly scalable processes, and ultimately leading metrics and techniques

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