Professional studies, the consultancy wins with digitalization

Mental openness, competence, digitalization. On this basis Bruno Festini Battifero has built, together with his partner Dr. Luca Dalla Torre, the success of the Studio New Service, a reference point for professionals and companies in the Bressanone area and beyond.

Bruno Festini Battiferro is a surprising professional.

First of all, for competence but also for its… Weltanschauung. As the South Tyrolean term in German (which we can translate into “Vision of the World”) is not at all out of place.

♪ I think that to be a consultant it is necessary to offer to your client a range of skills, visions, varied and diverse experiences. The concept of competence should not be limited, in my opinion, to those techniques for which we are asked to be consultants, but must also extend to other territories, perhaps not so close, but which give the possibility to look at the whole of the problems from different points of view. I believe in the concept of vision \out of the box \\\.

According to Bruno Festini Battifero, the profession of the accountant must not be limited to the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Tax, management and management advice is much more and must draw inspiration from past experiences and real life.

Participation and involvement are qualities that Bruno Festini Battiferro puts in the advisory relationship with his clients.

• It is essential to be able to rely on solid digital support to truly realize the vision of the consultant at all round. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italia has been our technology and digital partner for many years and it is thanks to this partnership that we can do what we do.

Participation and digitisation

The maximum automation of the study, procedures and compliance is the basis for being able to carry out the profession of the consultant, for having concrete time to immerse yourself in the industrial or commercial activities of its client, in order to be able to fully understand how it works and therefore think

• In this is fundamental the relationship with customers and sharing. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting has made available to us an extraordinarily effective sharing portal through which to stay in constant contact with customers and \’live the relationship in real time or almost. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Slimming down and speeding up the flow of communications between the professional studio and customers, offering services for fast, accurate and timely data collection and sharing of the same information is the strategic basis for a renewed alliance between professionals and customers.

• Organisational and business models have quickly taken different forms to adapt to new requirements, partly dictated by regulations, partly by practices that have become common use. The speed of adaptation to digital change becomes, therefore, a strategic variable.

The basis of the numbers must be interpreted and the professional’s profession here is interwoven with another passion of Bruno Festini, the theatre.

♪ Acting means entering a part, in a character, drawing on its peculiarities and making them their own to offer them to the audience from a stage. In my profession as consultant I use the same technique, I enter the part thanks to collaboration and sharing, I draw from the peculiarities of my client’s activities and try to make them mine. I want to understand as much as possible what my client does, how he does it. Then, on a numerical basis acquired thanks to digital solutions and automations, they are able to propose different solutions, offering different views that analyzed together can mean a step forward. From the digital stage I offer a new or renewed version of a business.

Bruno Festini Battiferro is convinced of the centrality of the professional and his intellectual ability that always benefits from digital work better and no less.

He is also enthusiastic about the new program that Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italy has recently launched.

• B.Point edition • is an initiative that through digitalization will give

•Wolters Kluwer has also wanted to support Professional Studies with wide spectrum programs that modernise the applications in use and promote the efficiency of professional operations. We have a common goal, which is called satisfaction, ours, our supplier, our customers. With this program the company also offers us continuing training to deepen the knowledge of all the new features that the modernisation of the digital tool offers.

The • With Te • B.Point edition • is based on three pillars: the renewed functionality of the application, the continuing training program and the concrete recognition of the

, I believe this programme is an important step in the right direction. I see the future of the profession in the development of creativity in counselling. Automation is indispensable, but the primary need is to support the customer and offer advice to his business in a managerial perspective, investment, management and financial and development opportunities. We need to know the production world of our customers, but we must not replace them in production. We must support them and guide them where they may be less solid. Here we have the digital that helps us in terms of data output.

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