On 24 February, the fourth edition of Procurement Forum was held, an event conceived and organized by IKN Italy aimed at CPOs who need to define the new responsibilities of buyers in the post Covid, with the use of new technologies such as b

The event that saw the participation of almost 200 Managers, 10 Sponsors and Adaci as Association Partner, focused on › IT Vendor Rating and Supplier Evaluation › the redistribution of expenditure and the measurement of damages

The pandemic has pushed CPOs to reorganise spending budgets, risk analysis, material retrieval, to respond to global demand volatility.

Addressing the re-start with resilience • to manage the new liquidity flows that have been reduced due to the sudden declines in productivity • is necessary to search for new resources, analyze new markets, monitor costs and contain losses already caused

2021 is a complex year for supply and supply.

The continued economic and social instability that the pandemic generates globally leads all CPOs to work on four investment lines: digital, sustainability, circular economy and security.

In particular, sustainability becomes a resilience asset, as it represents the resource to be part of a global change and not only economic, but increasingly social and improving for everyone’s life.

The latest approaches to sustainability management assign to supply chain management a leading role and foresee the use of different management tools such as: the assessment of life cycle impacts (LCA), the involvement of suppliers, their selection and evaluation

Working on ESGs, to assess reputational, operational and collaborative risks in Supplier Evaluation, will be indispensable to achieve ever more green targets by 2030.

Through listening, flexibility and innovation, CPOs will have to manage the negotiation remotely and work with suppliers as real partners: a structured collaboration that despite the distance must strengthen the supply chains in order to be able to support the flexibility of the markets.

The 80% of CPOs said they will no longer travel like pre-Covid and perhaps return to do so with a new and less committed awareness and changing business travel policies forever.

Robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics will be in 60% of cases, also throughout 2021, the main investment items of the office buying area, to continue to ride the wave of a digital transformation in place since recent years.

For Thomas Marquis, Head of Enterprise Customers for Amazon Business Italia, who participated in the Procurement Forum, A study by Forrester Consulting shows that at the end of 2020, 87% of the buyers focused their business strategy on three principles: resilience, speed, agility. The B2B marketplaces such as Amazon Business are part of this context, as one of the pillars of corporate digitisation.

The fifth edition of the Procurement Forum will take place on 24 February 2022.

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