The fastest WordPress servers in the world seem to have headquarters in Finland.

Ismyhostfasttyet ranking says, a benchmark on hosting speeds published by Google developers, which puts GoDaddy in the lead, at the second GitHub and the Finnish hosting company Seravo at the third

The comparison is based on the website loading speeds for Chrome users. The first publication of the benchmark took place in August 2019. The latest results show the situation in November 2020.

Based in Tampere, Seravo manages more than 4,000 WordPress sites and the founder of Seravo, Otto Kekäläinen, in a commentary note explains that We created our server environment exclusively for WordPress. The servers are all based on our world-class expertise on Linux and the MariaDB database, both of which were born in Finland. We are ourselves at the forefront of the open source. The best way to be at the forefront of development is to do it on your own.

In Ismyhostfasttyet the benchmark created Google developers is based on actual Chrome user data and actual website loading times.

The comparison measures the speed at which the host server starts sending HTML content to a website after a browser request.

As a Chrome developer, Google collects this data to optimize the speed of its browser.

However, the same data can also be used for other purposes. Chrome does not collect data on all navigation activity, but only on visits to the most famous sites in the world.

This is why the sample used includes only a quarter of Seravo’s sites.

Kekäläinen again explains that it is traditionally in the WordPress world that the biggest sites tend to be even the heaviest and even the slowest to load. This is not the case with the sites hosted by Seravo. We have created our services with the specific objective of solving the most common challenges of WordPress, such as slowness and security risks related to additional components.

How do you try WordPress performance on Seravo? • Anyone who wishes to compare the speed of the site • explains Kekäläinen • can order the service package and transfer a copy of their current site

Using a third-party tool as simplifies comparison of the performance of the current provider.

♪ I expect the copy will produce better results ♪ ♪ Kekäläinen is closed.

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