The Privacy Supervisor has written to the Ministry of Education to raise awareness of the risks to privacy arising from initiatives aimed at acquiring information on the vaccination status of students and their families. The letter also draws attention to the possible consequences for children, including at educational level, arising from such initiatives.

In these weeks, the Privacy Supervisor has received reports and requests for clarification regarding specific questions from teachers or behaviours aimed at acquiring, even indirectly, information on the vaccination or not, both of students (in most minor cases) and of members of their families.

The Data Protection Supervisor recalls that, according to the current legal framework, schools are not allowed to know the vaccination status of students in the first and second cycles of education, nor are they required to possess and perform the As regards family members, school administrations may not treat information on vaccination or not, but only verify, through authorised staff, the mere possession of green certification at the entrance of school premises.

Regarding the derogation from wearing the mask in classes where all students have completed the vaccination cycle or hold a valid healing certificate, the Guarantor has confirmed full cooperation with the Ministry of Education to identify implementing measures to satisfy the requirements of the Directive.

Finally, the Privacy Supervisor wanted to stress the need for identification in any case of ways that do not make identifiable the students concerned, also in order to prevent possible discriminatory effects for those who cannot or do not intend to undergo vaccination.

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