The Privacy Authority, also in light of the technical changes made by Pago PA, has expressed a favourable opinion on the use of the IO App for the recovery of the certifications Covid-19, in accordance with the Dpcm on the release and verification of green certifications

PagoPA, in charge of the development and management of the IO App, after introducing measures to resolve the critical issues detected by the Guarantor regarding the privacy of users, has further modified the app to make available also the service Users will be informed about this new feature on first access and will have the option to disable it.

To ensure greater protection to the information of the more than 11 million users who use the application • some of which are particularly sensitive as regards health • the Privacy Authority has however asked the company that the data relating to the use of the

PagoPA must, however, as already established in the previous decision of 16 June, request the consent of users to transfer data to Mixpanel. And the blocking of data already collected by the US company, before the intervention of the Privacy Guarantor, will continue until the end of the investigation initiated by the Authority.

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