The Privacy Supervisor has sanctioned Enel Energia for €26.5 million, for the illicit processing of personal data of users for telemarketing purposes.

In addition to the payment of the fine, the company will have to take a series of measures dictated by the Authority to comply with national and European legislation on data protection.

The measure comes to the end of a complex activity started by the Privacy Authority following hundreds of reports and complaints from users who complained about the receipt, in the name and on behalf of Enel Energia, of unwanted promotional calls, even on pre-registered disk, the difficulty Single profile).

The protests of the Privacy Authority to Enel Energia

The Office of the Guarantor has verified how the phenomenon of telemarketing in the energy sector, with the nearest of the expiration for the passage from the protected market of electricity and gas to the free market, has recorded a net and worrying increase. During the investigation, a chronic, intense and increasingly invasive phenomenon of unwanted promotional calls has emerged, in the absence of the necessary consent, to reserved users or registered in the Registry of oppositions, in addition to the late or failure to respond to requests for exercise of the rights of

In light of the violations found, the Privacy Authority has applied a penalty of 26.513.977.00 euros.

The interventions requested by Enel Energia

The Authority also ordered Enel Energia to adapt any processing of data carried out by the sales network to the appropriate methods and measures to prove that the activation of offers and services and the activation of contracts takes place only following promotional contacts on telephone numbers recorded and registered

Enel Energia will also have to implement further technical and organisational measures to manage the requests for the exercise of the rights of the interested parties, in particular the right to oppose promotional purposes, in order to give feedback to the interested parties no later than 30 days from the request.

Finally, Enel Energia will have to inform the Privacy Guarantor of the initiatives taken to comply with the provisions of the measure.

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