Presentations can become stressful, Microsoft admits itself, and that’s why, a few years ago, the company’s PowerPoint team focused on artificial intelligence, starting to work on PowerPoint Designer.

The Designer tool automatically generates project ideas, integrating smart functionality into PowerPoint.

In April 2019 Microsoft reached the goal of a billion slides created by the Designer’s suggestions, since the launch of the tool.

A remarkable achievement, but the PowerPoint development team does not seem to want to settle on its laurels. Microsoft has announced new PowerPoint Designer features aimed at helping employees of organizations of all sizes, professionals and end users, to create effective and captivating slides in a short time and without having to possess advanced knowledge.

Branded templates, Theme ideas and Perspective features simplify the creative flow, while Presenter Coach helps users perfect their presentations.

PowerPoint with artificial intelligence

One of the biggest customer demands, explains Microsoft, was to make Designer work smoothly with branded corporate templates. With the launch of Designers for Branded Templates, companies can now make sure that the design suggestions offered to users meet their corporate branding and visual identity guidelines.

When working with branded templates, the design ideas displayed are created directly from the Slide Master layouts, using the content of the user’s slides.

Designer’s artificial intelligence chooses the most suitable layouts for content, intelligently crops images and automatically recommends relevant icons and images. Organizations can design their own models for the optimal support of Designers, expanding the options available to their users.

Designer for branded templates is currently available for Office 365 Insiders for Windows 10 and Mac.

For those who do not have branded templates and who wish to start a presentation quickly and easily, Microsoft has introduced Theme ideas in Designer. When you open an empty presentation and insert words into the slide, Designer suggests a selection of new high-quality photographs that reflect the text of the slide, along with complementary styles, themes and colors. This function allows you to quickly create presentations of remarkable visual impact, with minimal effort.

Designer theme ideas is rolling out on PowerPoint for Windows, Mac and the web for Office 365 subscribers.

Presenting data in slides can be difficult because people have difficulty conceptualizing large and unfamiliar measurements. Studies published by Microsoft Research, explains the company, have shown that adding references to large numerical values makes information easier to understand and increases retention. This is the reason for the third new function added to PowerPoint Designer.

Thanks to the integration with Perspective Engine of Microsoft Research, Designer can now recognize when a slide contains a large number that could be difficult to interpret and contextualizes it • automatically increasing text information with a corresponding • Thanks to Perspective, Designer makes the numerical data in slides more ‘digestible’ and helps to effectively transmit the information.

The Perspective Designer function is also being rolled out for Office 365 subscribers, but is currently only available for English.

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint

The fourth function, Presenter Coach, aims to improve the way you present. Based on academic research and field studies, Microsoft has integrated best practices for presentations in Presenter Coach, in order to help people present their slides more effectively.

This function allows access to the test mode: while the user speaks, he receives information on the screen about rhythm, language, the use of intercalari and culturally indelicate phrases. Presenter Coach also lets you know when the presenter is simply reading the slide.

At the end of each test session, a detailed report with useful metrics for further practice sessions is provided. Presenter Coach will be available on PowerPoint for the web by summer, announced Microsoft.

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