People use Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration, so the platform wants to offer creators the opportunity to build and expand their audience in an always positive environment. Today Pinterest presents some new features with which creators can grow not only their business but also their revenue on the platform. In fact, the possibility is given to make their own Pin Idea affordable, to earn commissions with affiliate links and to establish partnerships with brands on sponsored content. Thanks to the product tag, creators can tag their own Pin Idea with any Pin produced among the millions present on Pinterest.

Pinterest, Pin Idea Buyable

Pinterest is like a huge catalog containing hundreds of millions of Pins loaded by traders and saved by users. The transfer of products to the platform is made possible thanks to Pinterest’s partnership with Shopify. People go to Pinterest with the intent of shopping and this propensity to purchase becomes even more evident with the Pin Idea. In fact, Pinterest found that there is an extra 89% probability that users will prove themselves willing to purchase the products tagged in a Pin Idea compared to a Pin product.* Today, creators can take advantage of the entire product catalog

The creators present on Pinterest have the opportunity to reach the largest online community of beauty lovers, fashion lovers, gourmets, DIY lovers and experts in homework, offering them ideas, advice and inspiration. Creator like Olive + Brown, Fall for DIY and UnconventionalSouthernBelle have already started making their content affordable, turning followers’ shopping into an even more inspired experience. In other words, switching from inspiration to purchase is even easier for users, who can buy directly from the Pin Idea of their favorite creators.

Partnership with brands

Creators who already collaborate with brands and realize their contents will be able to make this partnership known by adding to the Pin Idea the new label \”partnership” with payment.

Pinterest knows that many creators have started partnerships with brands and knows how important it is for them to highlight the content they publish on the platform. For this reason, today, the new partner-paying tool launches in beta version, which will allow creators to make known their collaboration with a brand. Creators who produce content for brands can then add the customer name directly to their Pin Idea and, after the brand has approved the tag, make the label appear. It will therefore be possible to give greater visibility to their collaborations, gaining in terms of credibility and establishing more authentic relationships with users.

For Pinterest it is important that creators can rely on a platform focused on inspiration, rather than influencers and entertainment. With these new products it will be even easier to make your content affordable and usable, increase revenue and collaborate with brands. The Pin Idea product tag will initially be available for all business accounts in the United States and the United Kingdom and, in the following months, globally. The paid partnership tool is now available for a selected group of creators in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia

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