L’Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale periodically publishes the statistics on Pec activations: Aruba has extrapolated and shared the most significant results, integrating them with some internal data of the company.

The last update of the Agency for Digital Italy, AgID, refers to the two-month November-December 2019 and counts 10,835.317 active boxes, highlights Aruba.

An important figure visible in the statistics published by AgID and underlined by Aruba is that relating to the number of Pec messages exchanged, which represents the best indicator about the use and dissemination of the instrument. The messages exchanged in the two months November-December 2019 were 408,485,733.

To better understand these numbers, Aruba examines the total 2019 data: the messages exchanged in one year were about 2 billion and 380 million.

From this, another even more surprising one emerges, still highlights Aruba, which is an average of more than 6.5 million Pec messages exchanged per day.

In regulatory terms, much is being done to stimulate digital transformation and therefore an increasing use of Pec by companies, professionals and Public Administration.

According to the internal data of Aruba, however, in 2019 the main owners of Aruba Pec boxes were precisely those who did not have the legal obligation to use it, i.e. private individuals ( 43%), followed by individual companies (25%), companies (25%) and

Among the other data of interest that emerged from the analysis and shared by Aruba, there is an increase in private use. The data related to the use of Pec among privates is growing by +4% compared to the previous year; in fact, according to the same analysis conducted by Aruba, in 2018 Pec owners among privates were 39%.

The data from the main user scenarios of Pec Aruba are also interesting. For 57.4% of these are work communications but for a large 30.9% are private communications, such as participation in public competitions, communications related to school supplies, the signing of contracts or cancellations.

As for the main uses, 25.8% use Pec to communicate with the Public Administration, while 9.8% use Pec to communicate with companies. In 7.2% of cases Pec is used to participate in calls for tender and competitions; in 9.1% for the receipt of electronic invoices.

According to Aruba, the merit of Pec’s success is certainly due to the fact that it is a valid and effective alternative to the recommended A/R, since it has the same legal value, but also to the fact that to send a message via Pec just a smartphone

A further peculiarity of this service compared to traditional means is that Pec not only certifies the transmission and delivery of a message, but also guarantees the integrity of the content, making the instrument even more versatile and suitable for various uses.

More information is available on the Aruba website.

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