The path towards digital transformation of public administration seems to have finally begun, thanks to the spread of Pec and Spid and the recent Decree Simplification.

As we told you at the beginning of the month, Inps also adapted to Spid as a tool for accessing its systems, interrupting the release of pins.

How to request the Spid

Pec is certainly contributing to further enabling the digital transformation of Italian life.

The certified e-mail is gradually becoming the main tool for official communications, replacing (finally) the now old and inefficient recommended.

From a study by Aruba it emerges that in the last two months of reference, May-June 2020, record numbers were recorded, with the total activation of 11,486,460 Pec boxes. Interestingly, it has always been a two-month standoff for the use of Pec, while this year there has been a leap of 193,374 Pec boxes activated and almost 35 million messages exchanged in more than March period

Pec’s success in digital transformation is further confirmed by the report of IDC, promoted by Aruba, InfoCert and Trust Technologies, on the benefits of the Certified Electronic Mail for the Country System, according to which the total net benefits of Pec are attested Value that is growing further by €1.8 billion in the projection between 2020 and 2022.

Pec has saved 78000 tonnes of CO2 in 2019, which will rise to 120,000 tonnes in 2022.

In addition, by avoiding travel from the home of the citizen or from the professional’s place of business to physically reach the post office, Pec saved 253 million km in 2019, which would become 391 million km in 2022.

The digital storage of correspondence allowed to free more than 1.3 million m2 of storage spaces in 2019 • both storage and storage • which is expected to reach 1.6 million m2 in 2022.

Finally, with the JEP virtually eliminates physical waiting times at post offices, estimated , and this is the most curious , in 2150 man-years in

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