The power of password manager 1Password is now available in the mobile browser Safari of iPhone and iPad, where it exploits the advanced features of iOS and iPadOS 15, as well as those of the software itself.

Since the team released 1Password X for the desktop web browsers › the aim of the development company was to bring its features to iPhone and iPad as well.

With the release of iOS and iPadOS 15, it was what 1Password did.

Now users have instant access to the 1Password experience directly in Safari. They can fill the fields with a touch, search among all the items, generate Smart Password and more.

All the valuable accounts and information of your digital life are available directly in Safari on your mobile devices, and this is a great comfort.

But this isn’t over. The well-known password manager team has also brought in-page suggestions from desktop to mobile.

These smart tips integrated into the page allow the user to access his items exactly where he needs them.

For sites with complicated access modules, 1Password uses its machine learning on-device technology to detect context and automatically enter password.

And for those who use two-factor authentication, 1Password automatically compiles the codes, so you don’t need to copy them to the clipboard.

As for Apple’s tablet, l’iPad offers a desktop-class browsing experience, and now it can also have the entire desktop experience of 1Password.

For those who use 1Password in a desktop web browser, the experience on iPad will be familiar from the first moment. Everything is where you expect it, and works perfectly with touch interface, Apple Pencil or the Magic Keyboard.

With the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS, the 1Password team has brought many other password manager functions to these platforms.

You can receive contextual fill suggestions on the page while browsing the web, as well as fill in login fields, credit cards, identity, emails and addresses as well as automatically enter credentials on multiple pages.

In addition to automatically compiling two-factor authentication codes, users can also scan QR codes for easy configuration of two-factor authentication.

1Password allows you to use the suggested Smart Passwords, which meet the page requirements, to save logins and credit cards directly from the page, unlock them with Face ID and Touch ID and more.

1Password for Safari is available on the App Store as a free update of 1Password.

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