The experience within the browser has been among the core functions of the password manager 1Password since the beginning and the development team has constantly made improvements.

Now the web version of 1Password, with the latest updates, is preparing to take an important step forward.

Among the features at the top of the user requests, the company stressed, there is support for Touch ID and Windows Hello and now, if 1Password is locked and the desktop app is installed, you can use the authentic menu

Regardless of the platform and system, whether it’s Touch ID, Windows Hello or a biometric authentication on Linux, the user can now benefit from the convenient password-free unlocking for 1Password in the browser.

And yes, because, speaking of supported systems, it is also recent to release the desktop app of 1Password for Linux, with the following distros and app stores supported at launch: Debian, Ubuntu, And with the.tar.gz package available.

But let’s go back to the web version for the browser. The latest update also adds full support for dark mode to 1Password in the browser.

Since it is essential to use a different password for each account, the development team has then made it easier to create, save and update logins directly in the browser.

When the save window appears, the user can see instantly everything that will be added to the new item. You can also edit content and add tags so that everything is well organized.

In addition, the password generator, which is also recently updated, will suggest passwords that fit the requirements of the website in which the user is located.

This improvement is even more valuable when updating an existing login item. If you are updating a login to use a strong and unique password or to change your username, you can see exactly what will change in your login before saving.

In addition to these main updates, it has also highlighted the development team, this release also contains 55 other fixes and improvements.

For those who are already using 1Password in the browser (the extension previously known as 1Password X), the password manager will be automatically updated to version 2.0 at the next browser startup.

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