At this particular historical moment when European companies are facing a process of digitalisation and, at the same time, facing the emergence of new ways of buying and behavior for consumers, Panasonic announces the launch of a new European-wide European-wide

Building on the experience already gained in Japan by Panasonic, Gemba Process Innovation draws value from the combination of a deep knowledge of the needs of organizations with the ability to offer cutting edge technologies, designed to optimize business operations.

From the union of its know-how, hardware products and software integration and engineering capabilities, Panasonic Business aims to offer businesses across Europe a wide range of integrated solutions designed to improve their processes.

In Japanese, the term gemba indicates the physical place where value is created. In the supply chain, gemba represents the space in which the goods are produced, transported or sold. Gemba Process Innovation is mainly designed for manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors, but is applied in a variety of market scenarios. In manufacturing, for example, Gemba Process Innovation aims to accelerate the automation of processes, introducing the use of advanced technologies such as robotics. In logistics, however, it optimizes the ability to order, organize, track and monitor the condition of the goods through the Deep Learning and the IoT sensors. Finally, in retail, it facilitates the use of AI camera and functionality systems to customize digital marketing and automate processes such as stock re-supply, in order to optimize the availability of products.

Hiroyuki Nishiuma, new Managing Director of Panasonic System Communications Company Europe has pointed out that European companies have never been under such pressure. Among the main causes are changing consumer purchasing habits, increased ethical and environmental awareness and ageing of the population, which is reducing labour supply. Companies are preparing to face these challenges with the help of the latest generation of technological innovations and Panasonic intends to support these categories by becoming a 360 degree service provider. The company is moving its focus to focus on specific solutions dedicated to transforming the gemba, that is, the place where value creation begins.

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