The fourth edition of Agid’s report confirms the growth of ICT spending of the national PA. The expenditure for 2022 estimated at 7 billion, to which the PNRR resources must be added.

The ICT expenditure 2021 in the Italian PA is the AgID survey that illustrates the estimates of the overall performance of ICT expenditure of the Italian Public Administration and deepens the results related to the panel of more than 70 administrations included in the analysis.

The data and information collected and validated in the first half of 2021 allowed to analyze the overall picture of the ICT expenditure of the PA before the allocation of resources related to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The trend of ICT expenditure growth in the period 2019-2022, compared to the previous three years, is around +6% per year, while suffering a slowdown in 2020 (+3.9%), mainly following the emergency Covid-19, which involves all sectors. The health sector (+5.1%) grew more in the period, with the enhancement of online access and booking systems and education, which grew by 10.5% due to the implementation of distance teaching systems.

Compared to 2020, the estimates for 2021 show a stronger recovery in growth for all sectors, representing 5.7%, with an estimated overall value of around € 6.5 billion.

The survey illustrates the themes that are supporting the positive dynamics of expenditure and investment, which are expected to continue and accelerate in 2022, the year when the estimated total expenditure will reach almost €7 billion, without considering the PNRR effect.

The ICT expenditure of the panel of 74 entities

The field research by the metropolitan region involved a panel of 74 bodies; 26 central governments, 21 regions and autonomous provinces, 13 Metropolitan cities and 14 municipalities, the capital of the Metropolitan cities, participated in the survey.

The trend in expenditure for the reference government panel also shows an increase between 2019 and 2022, from a total of around €2.8 billion in 2019 to around €3.7 billion expected in 2022.

The administrations that participate periodically in the qualitative-quantitative survey activity represent the dynamics of ICT expenditure for about 50% of its total value, confirming their relevance.

The data collected showed that administrations are increasingly paying attention to spending which is actually able to innovate processes.

In 2021 innovation expenditure represents 24% of the total, up from 19% in 2019.

The new edition of the report devotes space to qualitative and quantitative information on aspects considered as key to the success of the processes of digitization of public administrations: type and method of providing the services offered to citizens and enterprises, data management and open data, level of use and spending of

The analysis of the 680 ICT projects reported by the panel and carried out by central and local administrations shows how investment for Platforms and Infrastructures represents the main areas in terms of expenditure, respectively 35% and 32%. The expenditure for the implementation of Digital Services, 16%, is then incurred.

In 2021, the use of the Digital Readiness index was consolidated to assess, on the basis of the survey responses, the degree of digital preparedness of the entities involved and their positioning along the digital innovation path.

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