The theme of a European cloud has always been at the heart of the OVHcloud strategy, and it goes hand in hand with that of data sovereignty, understood in the most neutral, apolitical sense of the term, to indicate the needs arising from the indications that statehoods

The OVHcloud CEO Michel Paulin explained this in an interview exactly two years ago, in which he stressed the need and value of a European cloud.

The subject of data sovereignty has also been addressed recently in the wider context of a round table on data centers and cloud regions, along with OVHcloud, AWS and Microsoft.

A theme that has always allowed us to think of the existence of an insuperable dichotomy between the way of making European and American clouds, or if we want, the globalist, characterized by a principle of residence in data.

Instead there is a turning point and it is addressed precisely by the company of Roubaix.

OVHcloud, in fact, announced today the launch of a strategic partnership with Google Cloud for, reports a note  accelerate the digital transformation of European companies, giving them technologies built on a reliable infrastructure

To do this, OVHcloud will introduce a new offer of Hosted Private Cloud that will include Google’s open source Anthos technology, in its highly scalable dedicated infrastructure, fully operated and managed in Europe by its own customers.

The context is therefore that of the need for cloud providers to protect customer data even more transparently, highlighting the need to adopt higher levels of security and privacy, inspection and storage.

The partnership between OVHcloud and Google Cloud is in this direction, based on open source, transparency, interoperability and reversibility.

In the partnership, we learn from a note, OVHcloud and Google Cloud will put in place their technologies and skills to build joint solutions that allow customers to benefit from all the advantages of a multicloud and open approach, as well as

The agreement also provides for a commitment to provide innovation to the benefit of customers, supporting the development of digital skills and promoting collaboration with the open source community.

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