The record figure of 4.37 million is set by the Trend Micro laboratories to include malware and high-risk mobile applications registered at the end of 2014 – an increase of 68% compared to the 2 million registered in the first half of last year.

Android and iOS confirm the most affected platforms, even in spite of Apple’s closed ecosystem.

As for the type of threats, in the vast majority of cases (69%) it is adware, a form of malware that floods the user of popup advertising in order to induce it on specific malicious sites or to record its browsing habits.

They are well spaced, respectively in 24 and 10% of cases, Premium Service Abuser, i.e. malware that raises the costs of users by registering them to services without their consent, and apps specializing in data theft.

Hence the appropriate recommendations of the cloud security vendor for users to develop a safe approach to the use of the device.

In fact, against a panorama of threats in perennial evolution, it is important to protect your mobile devices with secure passwords or adopt password management software. In addition, security apps should be installed to verify whether your devices are infected and appropriately evaluated promotions or links, which could lead to scams or theft of personal data.

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