announced the launch of Otter Assistant, a virtual and smart collaborator who automatically participates in the Zoom meetings scheduled on behalf of a user and then records, takes and shares notes with other participants in the meeting, whether they are present or

Available for Business users, this new experience also helps make Zoom meetings more productive, because participants can focus on conversation rather than taking notes.

If the participants are late, or need to get away from a meeting, they lose nothing of the content, because the assistant is working for them by taking notes to share and review later.

Otter Assistant is designed to improve collaboration in meetings by offering all team members the opportunity to view the meeting notes. It also allows you to easily share and schedule upcoming recordings by connecting Otter with Google and Microsoft Outlook calendars.

This solution works for all Zoom meetings, even those in which you participate without being ll’host. When enabled, your Otter Assistant automatically joins the meeting instead of the user.

The smart assistant is helpful if users are late, have to leave for a moment and cannot attend part of the meeting or simply prefer to focus on the discussion rather than taking notes. Otter Assistant is in fact independently involved in recording, transcribing and sharing notes, making the meetings more productive.

After the meeting, the web app and mobile applications on iOS and Android offer a number of collaboration functions that improve corporate communication and teaming. Users have the option to highlight, share, add images, search for keywords and review a transcription after a call recorded with Zoom.

The website offers details of the prices and characteristics of the different plans with which the solution is available.

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