The Municipality of Genoa, Liguria Region, Liguria Digitale, Ericsson and TIM give life to the Digital Lab 5G at the Great Campus of the Erzelli to realize in the city the mobile network of new generation and develop the IoT and

Genoa thus becomes part of the group of Italian cities that will be able to experience 5G first in Europe, with a full digital technology pole.

The project entered the operational phase thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by TIM, Ericsson, Municipality of Genoa, Liguria Region and Digital Liguria, which has the objective to realize in the city 5G and to promote the development of

By 2018, in fact, the Italian Digital Lab 5G will be launched in the area of the Great Campus at the Erzelli, where 5G technologies will be experimented.

The project will allow to realize a laboratory of mobile technology of the latest generation, exploiting its potential to accelerate the development of the innovative services necessary for the revival of the economy of the territory and the strong impulse for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Thanks to this agreement, TIM and Ericsson will carry out the first experiment of the 5G service at the Great Campus, evaluating with partners the coverage plans for the years 2019-2020, in view of the commercial launch of the service.

This will make the new 5G applications available to public and private players operating in the Campus with the aim of promoting the development of innovative solutions and the training of the necessary digital skills.

This will allow the development of technical and commercial offers to meet the needs on application areas such as, for example, services related to the Internet of Things for the monitoring of the territory and information on mobility, for the management of services to citizens, public security, the ic

This project will also be possible thanks to the optical fiber technology infrastructures made available by Liguria Digitale for experimentation in the Great Campus.

Liguria Digitale will have the dual role to facilitate the participation of local companies in experimentation and export to institutions and enterprises of the Liguria territory the results of the aforementioned activities.

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