For Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience, › It is time to think differently about marketing and sales automation so that you can transform the RM into a system that works both for It’s not about predictions and rollups or a reporting tool to see how the sales force is going, but rather about turning the RM into a system that helps sellers sell Plus.

Fusion Marketing, lets Oracle know, simplifies and accelerates the creation and execution of marketing campaigns by automating the end-to-end process of lead generation and qualification.

With Fusion Marketing, the marketer must be able to create and run campaigns with consistent messages through advertising and email channels, in a matter of minutes.

In this regard, Paolo Massimiliano Sivo, recently appointed Cloud CX Country Leader of Oracle Italia, points out that “The experience that most professionals who deal with B2B sales within companies live is having a Oracle Fusion Marketing will help to align sales needs with marketing needs from the start of digital campaigns, because they make the process strongly oriented to KPI sales.

The Fusion Marketing Campaigns

Fusion Marketing, explains Oracle in a note, guides the marketer through the entire process of creating and running the campaign.

Create a target audience of known contacts: Marketers can select a product or service that is at the center of the campaign, then select a list of known contacts from any CRM system.

Expanding audience: Fusion Marketing will automatically generate a highly targeted audience profile to be used in online advertising to target people potentially relevant to your campaign, but unknown to your contact database.

Identification of the best customer references: according to the focus of the campaign and the specific sector of each customer, Fusion Marketing recommends the best reference stories to be promoted in the campaign.

Simplifying campaign configuration: Fusion Marketing provides a single user interface to assign all campaign resources needed to run the campaign by email, website destination pages and advertising channels. Previously, companies had to rely on multiple systems to do so.

Campaign launch: The marketing operator can easily set the advertising budget, start and end dates and launch their campaign.

Results Monitoring: A default dashboard that provides marketing experts real-time visibility on campaign performance.

After the launch of the campaigns, Fusion Marketing automates the generation and qualification of the lead.

Custom campaign microsites: e-mails and ads bring people to a microsite target page, automatically generated for each campaign, which includes custom customer references to suit the industry and customer interest.

AI-based lead qualification: Fusion Marketing monitors involvement on all campaign channels, including emails, online ads and visits to the microsite. As corporate interest is what counts, Fusion Marketing will qualify the interest at account level by combining the involvement of the people of the same company. This artificial intelligence algorithm automatically generates qualified opportunities for sellers when it detects sufficient involvement.

Once identified, qualified opportunities are provided to any CRM system.

Fusion Marketing Tool is part of Oracle Advertising and CX and is already available in limited version.

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