The results of the first quarter of the 2022 fiscal year of Oracle (closed in August) report that the total quarterly revenues increased by 4% on an annual basis, to 9,7 billion dollars. In this context, revenues from cloud services and licensing support increased by +6% to $7.4 billion, while revenues from cloud and on-premise licenses decreased by -8% to $813 million.

The operating profit of the first quarter of the year was up 7% to US$ 3.4 billion and the operating profit of the year was 35%. The non-GAAP operating profit increased by 4% to 4.3 billion dollars and the non-GAAP operating margin was 45%. The net profit of the Bank has risen by 9% to 2.5 billion dollars and the income of the Bank for the share has increased by 19% to 0.86 dollars. The non-GAAP net profit increased by 2% to US$2.9 billion and non-IFRS gains per share rose by US$11% to US$1.03.

The revenues deferred in the short term have been of 10 billion dollars. The operating cash flow increased by 17% to 15.3 billion dollars, in the last 12 months.

For the CEO, Safra Catz, they were excellent results, which exceeded the forecasts. The CEO points out in a note that two new Oracle cloud businesses, IaaS and SaaS, now account for 25% of our total revenue, with an annual run-in of $10 billion. These are the two new Oracle activities in the fastest increase and with the highest margin.

In the same note Larry Ellison, President and CTO, points out that the company that founded today is providing customers with some truly innovative infrastructure cloud services. Last quarter we released the newest generation of the world’s most popular open source database, MySQL, which now offers the in-memory heatWave query accelerator and AutoPilot management tools. We decided to make MySQL HeatWave available on other clouds, as well as Oracle Cloud Plus.

Italy data driver, ready for the cloud region

In commenting on the business performance in Italy, VP and Country Manager Alessandro Ippolito noted that the first tax quarter, despite including the summer break period, this year

Positive for Ippolito the impact of PNRR on the ideas and consciences of the Italian ruling class: › With the start of #PNRR we have actually found a greater attention and drive to digital transformation data driven And this will be even more true with the advent of our first Italian Cloud Region, in the short opening.

Ippolito also announced that Giovanni Ravasio is the new VP and Country Leader for cloud applications (ERPM, CX and HCM), while Paolo Sivo is the new Country Leader in the Customer and

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