Oracle is making its GoldenGate technology available as an automated and fully managed cloud service that customers can use to ensure that their data assets are always available and analyzable in real time.

Oracle GoldenGate has been providing a business continuity solution to leading global companies for over ten years: it replicates databases and value transactions to keep data highly available and processes data flows to enable them to act on those data while they are on the move. More recently, GoldenGate customers have started using it to move data into data lakes, turn them into pipeline streaming, run time series analysis on streaming data, and provide real-time data event alerts.

The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate provides a real-time data fabric platform for designing, performing, orchestrating and monitoring data replication and data streaming.

So OCI GoldenGate provides an elastic and pay-per-use solution for general database replication, operational integration, real-time data ingestion in the cloud to support time series analysis on data in the cloud.

The OCI GoldenGate service manages the integration of event-based data for operational databases and analytical data stores.

Note Oracle that with OCI GoldenGate you can use the same technology in mission-critical data-operative stores, data warehouse with real time data, data lake, streaming analytics.

Unifying the operational and analytical integration data fabric helps simplify the data architecture, avoid the use of complex and fragmented tools and ensures that the data used for analytics are up-to-date and reliable.

A unified approach aligns operational record systems with business analytics more closely than is possible with traditional batch processing tools.

The GoldenGate native OCI automates many functions, including configuration, scaling of workload and patching, while maintaining high availability. Its intuitive interface allows non-DBA users to drive digital transformation, simplifying on-premises to cloud integrations, data synchronization across regions, data pipeline management and multi-cloud database replication

The service is integrated with GoldenGate Stream Analytics for OCI, which provides multi-cloud streaming data analysis with AI/ML, geo-space data and time series.

The new service, fsa always know Oracle, works on the latest architecture of Microservices GoldenGate 21c, which allows you to create a global network of connected data resources.

The fully encapsulated microservices of OCI GoldenGate allow customers to seamlessly integrate the service into their CI/CD dev-ops pipeline as a first-class service, infrastructure-as-code.

OCI GoldenGate is designed to integrate with on-premise distributions of Docker and Kubernetes mesh from GoldenGate without shared framework dependencies and no shared repository, with superior manageability and lower TCO. With a developer click and DBAs can set up the service for the 3x auto-scale, providing a scalable way to start small and grow as workloads increase.

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