Oracle Italia has organized a session to talk about Financial Resilience, the role of the CFO, planning and management control in difficult times such as this, which require fast but often strategic decisions to cope with the current scenario and be prepared for the future.

Of note is the panel, composed of Alessandro Evangelisti, Mid-Market ERPM Leader of Oracle, and the direct testimony of some Oracle customers: UFI Filters Group and 3Zero2 TV.

Thanks to their intervention, the main aspects of Oracle solutions that support the CFO have been highlighted in addressing the challenges of the moment: how to strengthen business, increase resilience and competitiveness.

Evangelists stressed the importance of Chief Financial Officer, especially in the light of the Coronavirus emergency: financial management and business protection is essential for any company, and even more so during the worst health and economic crisis of our time.

According to Oracle, the CFO is therefore very focused on cash management in this troubled year, and enabling technology plays a key role.

Marco Frecchio, Chief Purchasing & Supply Chain Officer, UFI FILTERS has indicated 3 significant aspects. First of all, we no longer talk about silo: the management team must be very cohesive and able to react quickly.

The speed is just the second aspect, together with the ability to switch from reactive mode to a proactive one in the management of the demand and the supply chain.

The third point is the centrality of the IT tools: digital transformation allows to manage a large number of data, extracting only those necessary for the management of the company, at the same time creating potential predictive scenarios. The cloud computing and scalability capability provided by Oracle guarantees UFI Filters Group virtually unlimited power, thanks to which the CFO can make the best decisions possible with the information it has.

So, summarizes Freak, speed and proactivity are the real advantages offered by Oracle’s technology. Frecchio concluded his speech by stressing the importance of a change of mindset: even the most effective tools do not allow a true digital transformation without the concrete will of the users.

Tony Dalla Costa, CFO at 3Zero2 › EuroMediaGroup agreed on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the market: in the short term, the company tried to propose alternative solutions to its customers, The role of the CFO, which was already central, has assumed an even higher specific weight.

The market is competitive and customers’ demands are increasingly varied. The computer analysis of the data, functional to planning, is no longer an option but an urgent necessity, says Dalla Costa. Planning is fundamental for an organization and to be able to prepare it requires precise and timely analytics: even in this situation a technological partner as thick as Oracle plays a decisive role. The finance culture, the manager concludes, must be pervasive throughout the company’s strategy, the real lighthouse in unknown and unpredictable times and horizons. And that’s why analytics are essential: no CFO can make correct choices if it has incomplete or fragmentary information, and in this Oracle has proved to be an irreplaceable partner for 3Zero2.

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