After a year of work, and in time to enable companies in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, the Ecommerce Sesamo platform arrives, which aims to change the paradigm of the online B2B.

It is not a mystery that Alibaba is the dominant player in the B2B online market.

In this context, shopkeepers do not make wholesale purchases as they traditionally do, but make normal online purchases.

This is a non-existent business model in Italy: platforms that connect suppliers and Iva matches count on one hand.

The reason? Shipping times and prices are not competitive; you spend less and you buy faster in stock than you do using an online marketplace.

In Padua, Coronavirus was founded for this purpose Sesamo, a start up by the international management and Italian soul that has given itself two objectives: to propose the lowest prices on the market and to manage the fastest shipments in the ecommerce segment B2B.

The method is revolutionary for B2B e-shops: directly managed storage spaces, proprietary goods and integrated logistics. It is the definitive revolution in the digitalization of business-to-business: Veneto is in the front row in this process, which will bring Italy to reorganize this sales channel with an ecommerce more performing than the existing marketplaces and sales aggregations

The founding members are three young forty-year-old managers. The team, Bassel Bakdounes, of Syrian father but raised in Italy, founder of Velvet Media, marketing agency that has among its core business the online sale: its company will have the steering of the project.

Ken Zhao, of Chinese origin, lives in Padua: Ceo di Obor Group, an international group composed of companies dedicated to trade at various levels, including JG Europe based in Carmignano di Brenta that deals with import

The third is Edwin Leusink, Dutch, who deals with business development and internationalization in Italy, the Middle East and Asia. The project has seen the collaboration of important companies in the world of electronic commerce, to mention the supervision of Giovanni Cappellotto, guru of the Italian ecommerce.

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