The partnership between Open Fiber and Eolo is extended with an agreement aimed at bringing fibre to FWA antennas, for the diffusion of ultra-broadband services in more areas of our country.

The collaboration between Open Fiber, engaged in Fiber To The Home connectivity, and Eolo in the wirelessly fixed ultra-broadband for business and residential segments, aims to bind 1,000 FWA sites in Eolo.

The agreement is part of Eolo’s wider project to connect almost all of its network in fibre optics within the next two years in order to support the growing demand for bandwidth by the Italian market.

The ultra-broadband network of Open Fiber has to date more than 11 million connected real estate units, with services already active in 180 large cities and about 2,000 municipalities of the White Areas.

The overall plan of Open Fiber plans to put in place more than seven billion euros of resources and the coverage of about 20 million units real estate in the Country, with the objective to fill the digital divide and make available to all Italian citizens digital services with the high

The Eolo network, however, currently reaches more than 6,500 municipalities in Italy and the company aims to complete the coverage of the country by the end of 2021.

Aeolus stated that the 150 million euro investment plan launched in May 2020 was in fact moving ahead, which should enable the target to be achieved by connecting 7,500 municipalities, i.e. all those planned, by creating a network that would enable the development of the network to be

The ultra-wideband offering of Eolo is based on FTTH, for areas covered by optical fiber, and on the proprietary network based on FWA technology, Fixed Wireless Access, which relies on the national and regional distribution ridges

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