Vodafone Business launches OneBusiness Share, the first natively convergent solution dedicated to the world of SMEs.

OneBusiness Share is designed to meet the needs of flexibility and simplicity of businesses ready for the digital future, from small office to medium-sized businesses.

In a single OneBusiness Share solution, it combines the best fixed and mobile connectivity, dedicated service levels and innovative digital solutions to undertake with the right tools its own digital transformation path.

Coronavirus emergency has had a significant impact on Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, both in terms of demand and revenues (as stated by 35% of SMEs) and in terms of cancellation of orders or contracts (as stated by almost 60% of SMEs). The impact was determined by several factors, but among them certainly had a central role the greater or lesser openness to digital. As a study commissioned by Vodafone points out, the most digitised SMEs have secured opportunities at a rate more than twice as high as those behind the digitisation path.

However, there are still many difficulties encountered by SMEs • over half have difficulties in identifying the correct technology or the right supplier and almost 40% need support for training • as well as the technological gap between SMEs and larger companies remains too

It is therefore precisely SMEs that are now more than ever called upon to strengthen their resilience and to face the challenge of recovery by adopting innovative technological tools and cutting-edge digital solutions. This is also apparent from the Future Ready Report, the recent study conducted by Vodafone Business to identify the key elements of a company ready for the future, with particular attention to the scenarios that have opened up in recent months. In addition to having a positive attitude towards change and careful planning of business strategies, future ready-to-do companies are open to technological innovation and include the power of digital to increase their growth and to respond more and more efficiently to the new challenges of the market.

Vodafone Business is therefore launching OneBusiness Share, the solution that enables and simplifies access to digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Created to meet the needs of flexibility and simplicity of businesses, OneBusiness Share already provides four different ‘cuts’ to meet the specific priorities of SMEs but is further customizable directly from the customer, who can compose in a few steps his platform In addition, the new Vodafone Business solution offers several benefits and innovations, including the possibility to share Giga among all SIMs, consulting and ongoing assistance services by Vodafone experts, digital solutions to work with maximum security and efficiency, including All this is enabled by Vodafone’s best fixed and mobile connectivity, even abroad.

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