Italian companies manage 622% more data than in 2016. And the total data handled is 18.48 Petabytes.

Thus, information may mean nothing. But compared to the amounts of data managed by German companies (10.59 Petabyte), French (11.22 Petabyte) and English (10.8 Petabyte), and also to the global average (9.7 Petabyte), the specific weight changes.

Add then that in the last 12 months, 20% of Italian companies have had to face the irreparable loss of their data, with an average economic damage of about 1.5 million dollars and the picture of the gravity of the situation recorded by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Dell

In this context of growth, with the widening of the scope of available data, the risks for companies have increased in parallel.

68% of companies have faced more or less solvable problems related to data loss.

Some caused the interruption of services with an average of 18 hours of operation and a weighted cost of over 530,000 dollars.

Public Cloud in the company

The report also shows that the cloud is changing the scenario of data localization and its protection in both Italy and the rest of the world.

In Italy, the use of the public cloud now accounts for 30% of the total IT environments of companies, compared to 40% globally.

Finally, 98% of the companies interviewed in the world who adopted the public cloud consider it an integral part of their data protection infrastructure.

Not only that, artificial intelligence technologies and IoT are elements on which more and more companies are focusing in their digital transformation projects. As Marco Fanizzi, VP & GM Enterprise Sales of Dell Emc Italia, • This factor is generating an increase in the amount of data to be managed and transformed into information, forecasts to allow managers and entrepreneurs to The side of the coin is that the perimeter to be protected is widened and that solid strategies of data protection are increasingly indispensable for companies of all sizes

For Filippo Ligresti, VP & General Manager Commercial Sales at Dell Emc Italia, \se properly managed and analysed this data allows you to gain competitive advantages. Not surprisingly, 92% of global companies are already fully aware of the importance of data and 36% have already introduced concrete actions to enhance them at business level.

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