From the beginning of Microsoft’s project to support the revival and growth of the country through digital in 2018, to today there are 1 million people reached by the training and professional retraining initiatives part of the Italian #DigitalRestart Ambition plan.

The announcement took place today in the context of Microsoft Skilling Day, a day dedicated to Microsoft Italia initiatives and its partners in support of the dissemination of digital skills.

The Italian #DigitalRestart Ambition Plan, in addition to the creation of Microsoft’s first region data center in Italy and initiatives aimed at companies to promote new digital business models, provides an important focus on training, training and refresher courses for young

New Microsoft Training Initiatives

Since 2018 Microsoft Italy has in fact started numerous programs on the national territory to increase the diffusion of digital skills so required by the world of work: from initiatives for the world Education with •Ambition Italy for the School with Fondazione Mondo The programme is enriched by new important collaborations and initiatives.

Microsoft together with Fondazione Mondo Digitale presented Ambitione Italia per i Giovani, a training course involving local actors who are involved in training and providing courses on new skills within metropolitan contexts. Strategic initiative to intercept young people and citizens who need to integrate skills, deepen them or explore unknown professional areas in order to be able to effectively enter the labour market.

After a first experiment of the training program that involved the Network of Centres of Orientation to the Work (COL) of Rome Capital, the project will be started with specific modalities also to the city of Bari with the involvement of Portafuturo, the job centre of the Municipality of

The programme is aimed primarily at the operators of the Centres, who receive training on the conscious use of digital tools for guidance, job search and self-promotion of users, including remotely.

Later, training modulated on different user profiles, so as to intercept different needs, such as filling gaps or enhancing capacities, and responding with specific paths. The courses are divided into different levels of previous skills, with free activities and provided in mixed mode (synchron and asynchronous, in presence and at distance).

Thanks to the collaboration with Anpal, the Ambition Italia project for Young People is also aimed at the Neets of the Youth Guarantee plan to train specialized figures in the digitalization of SMEs. The aim is to offer girls and boys between 14 and 29 years of age a specific training opportunity on new technologies fundamental for the post-pandemic restart of Italian companies.

LinkedIn and GitHub for health emergency

Microsoft Italia’s commitment is part of a global effort → Global Skilling Initiative › made possible thanks to the synergy with LinkedIn and GitHub, designed to respond to the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic of

The three companies have put together resources, skills and experience to promote a series of initiatives and tools that involve all those interested in updating and re-training their skills.

Through this plan, from the launch in June 2020, over 30 million people worldwide and over 350,000 in Italy have acquired digital skills. Powerapps (platform for the development of applications for companies), Analytics and Cloud Computing the most enjoyed content online among all Microsoft resources and content.

Today the program is being updated.

Training courses aligned with the 10 most sought after professional profiles by companies will be free throughout 2021 with access to Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub resources to help people develop skills required by the labour market

It was extended at the end of 2021 to access to Microsoft certifications at reduced costs in line with the 10 most required professional profiles

Introduction of Microsoft Career Connector an online platform that will help to place 50,000 people looking for a job that requires tech skills over the next three years. This platform will focus in particular on those students who have followed courses with NGO and Microsoft partners.

New, more inclusive and customized features within LinkedIn profiles to help job seekers, as well as the Creators, ifreelance and SME professionals, to highlight their skills and to better tell their path

Cover story. A new function of LinkedIn profile that can help people share their professional history more authentically and engagingly through videos. Professional job seekers can share their career goals, and show their skills to recruiters and hiring managers. Freelancers looking for projects can also attract new customers by sharing information on the services offered by their business. 75% of HR managers believe that a standard curriculum is not sufficient to assess the cross-cutting skills of a candidate and almost 80% believe that video has become an important tool when it comes to evaluating candidates.

Content Creator Mode. So-called Creators, who regularly share detailed information, publish content and are working to grow their followers on LinkedIn, can now activate the new Content Creator Mode on the profile dashboard.

Creator mode helps people build their own follower base, share more about their experience through the use of hashtags at the top of their profile, and show off their content at the best by highlighting sections in the First Floor and Profile Activities

Service page. Freelancers and small business owners can now create on LinkedIn a Services Page, listing the services they offer with the Open for Business function on their profile.

Integration within Microsoft Teams of Career Coach, a LinkedIn app that offers personalized guidance to high school students and university students to get their way through their professional career. Career Coach is a concrete support that helps students define their career goals, interests and skills by relying on Microsoft’s AI that identifies the skills of individuals and LinkedIN that crosses the profile of the student with the three

Access to LinkedIn Skills Graph will also help to create a common language of skills for individuals, employers, educational institutions and government agencies to improve the planning, recruitment and development of the workforce.

PHYD, Artificial Intelligence for Work

The Microsoft Skilling Day was the occasion for PHYD, Digital Ventures of The Adecco Group, which combines a cloud-based digital platform and Microsoft’s artificial intelligence with a hub in Via Tortona 31 in Milan,

Since the end of January, Windtre and PHYD have signed a partnership that allows employees and employees of the tlc company to strengthen the development of new skills, with the aim of addressing the evolution of the world of work at best. Phyd provides its know-how to co-create events, content, training activities and networking opportunities for employees and collaborators: important opportunities to compare to interpret the great transformations of the market.

In addition, starting from the end of February, the professional gym of PHYD has introduced a new training tool: in fact, it is available on the new sectionCoaching, which gives the possibility to all phyders to develop the best The Coaches provide students and professionals with advice to understand which way to start (or even a turning point) their career, accompanying them in a path of improvement and growth both at the personal and professional level.

The ecosystem of partners: the Academys

An integral part of the #DigitalRestart plan are the Academy with Microsoft partners, i.e. the real training courses and routes to obtain certifications on Microsoft solutions that the company active with partners throughout Italy. The aim of the Academy, the updating and upgrading of professionals in a digital key, the provision of digital skills for new graduates and new graduates. To date, 145 Academys have started up to a total of 6,000 people.

Among these, Experis Academy that contributes to the training of profiles specialized in the ICT sector, through masters and courses funded on digital trends such as Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. In this direction, Microsoft Italia, Experis and Fondazione Mondo Digitale join forces and announce a new collaboration to accompany new graduates and fragile talents, or talented students who for economic reasons or particular social conditions do not continue their studies, in

Microsoft Italia has also started a new collaboration with OGR • Officine Grandi Riparazione and Talent Garden, Europe’s leading platform for networking and training on digital, for the development of online training courses aimed at the training of highly Among these is the Master in Digital Product Management.

The initiative is part of a wider partnership between Microsoft Italia and OGR • Officine Grandi Repairs in Turin that has allowed to create within the OGR Tech powered by Talent Garden the Tech Revolution Factory, a real

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