Companies should accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to improve their resilience and prepare to face long-term challenges, this, in summary, the most evident result of the report •AI Maturity Survey, commissioned by Avanade

The survey, conducted by independent research firm Vanson Bourne on behalf of Avanade, through interviews with 1,700 senior IT decision makers from 15 countries including Italy (champion of 140 respondents), reveals that only 1% of companies, despite the fact that the number of companies

On the other hand, companies that can fully integrate artificial intelligence into their systems are able to achieve a ROI up to five times the average, thanks to a combination of higher productivity, better process efficiency and lower operating costs.

Here are the main results of the Avanade report:

95% of respondents (93% in Italy) believe that artificial intelligence is fundamental, but a third (32% in Italy) cites strategic planning as one of the three main barriers to the effective implementation of an artificial intelligence project.

35% of respondents (34% in Italy) are looking for consulting support outside their company to define their strategy.

The 80% of respondents (91% in Italy) agree that corporate culture and change are the key to the long-term success of an artificial intelligence project and more than half of the sample (69% in Italy) are engaged in research and recruitment of talents with adequate skills or

Furthermore, 96% (86% in Italy) believe that to implement AI projects it is necessary to create policies and business procedures that guarantee compliance with the principles of digital ethics and 66% (54% in Italy) are already doing so.

61% of respondents (64% in Italy) experienced automation and advanced analytics systems, about half of the sample using computer vision (33% in Italy) or virtual agents (22% in Italy).

65% of the companies interviewed (69% in Italy) express the need to improve the quality of data.

Interestingly, 83% of companies ( 94% in Italy) already using artificial intelligence tools agree that this technology will bring a competitive advantage in the future.

Finally, the estimated success of artificial intelligence projects will be measured mainly by an increase in productivity for 64% of the sample (75% in Italy), an increase in process, system and instrument efficiency for 57% (63% in Italy) and a reduction in costs for 54% (6

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