Olivetti, Digital Farm for IoT solutions of the Tim Group, has announced that it has signed a protocol of understanding with the multinational company of real-time software Vection Technologies.

Under the agreement reached, the two companies are committed to working together to integrate Vection’s solutions, based on the use of virtual reality & Augmented Reality (VET) technologies, into new applications dedicated to the IoT world, in order to

The signed Memorandum of Understanding aims at the definition of an innovative integrated commercial proposal to include Vection solutions in Olivetti’s IoT markets such as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, automotive, financial, insurance and others of great importance. The parties are expected to identify and value new market opportunities by exploiting the enabling technology guaranteed by the fixed and mobile network of the Tim Group, and in particular 5G technology.

Olivetti combines leadership in retail and office segments with consolidated experience in the areas of the Internet of Things, storage systems and proximity data processing, advanced wireless, wireless and Ma-type connectivity

Roberto Tundo, Olivetti’s CEO, expressed satisfaction with the start of this collaboration that fits into Olivetti’s strategic repositioning path as a Digital Farm for the IoT solutions of the TIM Group, based on technological evolution and Thanks to this memorandum of understanding, he pointed out Tundo, Olivetti aims to put together their innovative skills to develop a commercial proposition that can express tangible value for each of Olivetti’s different vertical markets.

In this way, the company of the Tim group extends what is already available with the current solutions to support the digital transformation process of companies and public administration, repositioning the company on the ability to guard the technological frontier.

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